Tecomet, Inc. offer specialized welding, brazing, and bonding equipment to assure the tightest tolerances and superior performance for engineered components and complex assemblies. Tecomet has extensive experience joining different materials for complex assemblies with tight dimensional requirements for medical, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications. Tecomet is organized to handle a range of opportunities from one time specialty runs to high volume repeat production.

Laser Welding:
The fast and repeatable laser welding process provides an economical solution for customer requirements that demand close tolerances with weld penetration depths up to .025″.

E-Beam Welding:
We offer a range of electron beam (EB) welding capabilities for applications that require vacuum and weld penetration depths up to 1.00″.

Vacuum Brazing:
Tecomet has the perfect size furnace for your application, with computer controlled chambers up to 18″ x 18″ x 24″ and backfilled with helium.