Product testing and validation is required to ensure quality and reliable clinical performance. Tecomet, Inc. has partnered with third party accredited independent testing and validation laboratories to further enhance our Total Solutions offering to you.

Implementing the testing process into the overall manufacturing timeline reduces the time it takes to move your product to market. Also, if testing results indicate product changes are needed, modifications can happen quickly since testing and prototype production generally occur in the same facility.

Instrument durability, material hardness and torque testing is available on-site at the Design & Development Center in Warsaw, IN. Additional testing may be arranged for corrosion testing, chemical analysis, failure analysis and more.

Case and tray validation testing is available on-site through the Design & Development Center in Manchester, NH. Services offered validation testing for manual and automatic instrument cleaning, high and low level disinfection and sterilization. Other available services include EtO sterilization validation and shipping testing.

  • Fast and convenient
  • Third party independent testing
  • One purchase order covers design, development, validation and manufacturing

Testing services further demonstrate our commitment to help reduce your development time and get your products to market faster.