Tecomet, Inc. is a full service provider of orthopedic implants, instruments and cases located here in the U.S. (Warsaw, IN). In my opinion, Tecomet has the most robust and comprehensive solution for product development and manufacturing in the industry. Working with them in the past has always been a positive experience with regards to deliverables, pricing, quality and resources; Tecomet’s talented team of researchers, engineers and developers give a total solution for project needs.”


“Partnering with Tecomet helped speed up the process with their assistance in developing and manufacturing the instruments along with Tecomet doing the kitting and inspection. Tecomet provided design resources that helped shave off 9-12 months of the total development time. By having Tecomet do the kitting and inspection this allowed sets to be shipped directly to our distribution facility which saved time and helped move up the launch date.”