• Fusion
    • Plates
    • Interbody Spacers
    • Artificial Discs
    • Cages
    • Rods
    • Hooks
    • Connectors
    • Screws


  • Cervical and Thoracolumbar Plates
  • Thoracic and Lumbar Interbody Spacers
  • Motion Preservation Implants
    • Interspinous Process (ISP) Spacers
    • Connectors


Tecomet, Inc. precision forging, machining, and photochemical etching increases tensile strength, improves raw material yields, reduces cost of secondary operations, and adds unique surface textures for your spinal implants.



Target Market

Spinal Implants

Product Types

Cervical & Thoracolumbar Plates
Thoracic & Lumbar Interbody Spacers and Cages
Interspinous Process (ISP) Spacers
Artificial Discs

Connecting Links and Rods
Custom Instruments

Capabilities/Processes Applied

Net Shape Forging
Precision CNC Machining
EDM Machining

Swiss Turn Machining
Photochemical Etching
Precision Finishing

Material Used

Titanium (Ti 6Al-4V, Ti 6Al-4V ELI, CP2, CP4, and others)
Stainless Steel (17-4, 316L, and others)
Cobalt Chrome (CoCrMo)

Standards Met

ISO 13485 Certified
QSR Compliant

Project Scope

Concept Development
Rapid Prototyping
Process Development

Process Validation
Production Scale Up