Differentiate your products with exciting technologies developed by Tecomet that have applications limited only by your imagination

  • Utilize technologies that differentiate your products from the competition
  • Integrate new features for superior performance
  • Be creative and develop new break-through applications


Computer-generated, photo-etched, 2D & 3D surface textures

  • Not a “coating” – it is a novel subtractive process
  • Low temperature process that maintains mechanical characteristics
  • Original datum surface is retained
  • Unlimited number of patterns
  • Multiple texture patterns on a single implant
  • Applicable at any stage of manufacturing process
  • Texture can graduate from fine to coarse
  • Applicable on very small implants and complex geometries
  • Clean, open surface without secondary operations


Fully-engineered, porous, titanium structures

  • Completely engineered porous material
  • Lightweight – Densities as low as 0.68 (water = 1.0)
  • Porous – Porosities up to 85%
  • Ductile – Can be cold formed or hot formed
  • Machinable – Can be machined with wire EDM, laser or water jet
  • Strength support features can be designed into porous product
  • Custom components can be 3-D engineered
  • Devices can be created during bonding process resulting in never before achieved products


TecoMark is an innovative new way to mark titanium that is easier to read and identify. Our proprietary masking technology produces a super sharp anodized image that is crisp and easy to read without altering the surface topography. With many available color combinations, the results will meet your expectations.

  • Attractive Color Possibilities
  • Bold, High-Contrast Images
  • Highly Accurate Markings
  • Unique Anodizing Technology
  • Applicable on Most Geometries


Tecomet offers one of the largest product offerings with thousands of products and custom options. We supply independently developed high-precision surgical instruments used in hip, knee and shoulder reconstruction procedures, as well as in spinal, trauma and other implant procedures. Additionally, our standard case portfolio offers you cost effective solutions to organizing and protecting your valuable instruments, with FDA compliance on select Standard Tecomet Cases and Trays. Our proven Tecomet Products give you the leverage of our extensive research and expertise to complete your instrument sets more quickly and efficiently.

Intellectual Property Overview:

  • Acetabular Reamers
  • Acetabular Reamer Drivers
  • Angled Drivers
  • Cup Impactors
  • Modular Calcar Planers
  • Tru-Control Ratcheting Handles
  • Torque Limiting Handles
  • Cases:
  • Brackets
  • Handles
  • Latches


Get a handle on your next project. Tecomet provides a large selection of versatile, ergonomic handles for virtually any instrument. All handle designs may be custom configured to meet your specifications, including torque settings, adapters, and other critical dimensions.

  • Make the most of your new medical device with a handle configured and manufactured to your specifications.
  • Choose from a large selection of handle platforms that are compatible with most surgical instruments.
  • Our “concept to completion” capabilities result in efficient product development and production.


Tecomet is an industry leader in photochemical machining and etching, creating complex shapes, patterns, and textures of the highest quality and repeatability. Our precision photochemical machining process is a high-performance alternative to conventional machining for thin films and precision components, and is ideal for producing fine details and small cross sections. Tecomet etching technology delivers medical and high-tech products that are burr-free, stress-free, and resist warping. Our patented Tecogrip process is used for etched enhancement of porous foams, making them truly customizable to the healthcare provider’s unique application. Tecomet’s etching processes create patterns and features that are highly accurate and reproducible.