Our expertise in the contract production of forged, cast, machined and finished orthopedic implants enables us to deliver fully finished and complete components, ready for sterilization.

The combined facilities of Tecomet are supported by a foundation of manufacturing, engineering, design and development specialists whose collective efforts ensure an optimum response to your needs.

Our skilled manufacturing capabilities, including net shaped forging capabilities, technologically advanced casting facility precision machining and polishing expertise, allow us to produce consistent, tight tolerance implants in large volumes.

Custom Implant Product Capabilities


Hip Knee Spine Trauma
Acetabular Cups Femoral Wraps Hooks Nails
Femoral Heads Patellas Plates Plates
Femoral Stems Poly Inserts Rods Screws
Poly Liners Tibia Trays Screws


With a leading edge fully automated process, Tecomet can generate complex shapes and features in both F75 CoCrMo and 15-5 PHSST.


Equipment inclusive of clearspace hammers, horizontal 3-axis forging presses, hydraulic, crank and strain controlled screw presses up to 1,600 ton.


We can provide not only a high quality forging or casting but a fully machined and polished final product without the need for additional processing.