With a leading edge fully automated process Tecomet, Inc. can generate complex shapes and features in both F75 CoCrMo and 15-5 PHSST.

We can easily accommodate quantities of all sizes with high dimensional accuracy and consistency.

From start to finish we provide wax pattern masters, robotic dipping and coating, vibratory jig cleaning, dye penetrant and radiographic inspection, heat treating and conclude with surface finishing and head treatment.

  • Purpose-built orthopedic foundry, offering short lead times and flexibility
  • Lost wax process achieves fine detail and complex net shapes, holding tolerances of +/-0.2mm per 50mm
  • Automated molding and casting process ensuring quality and consistency
  • Technical support and DFM offered for all casting projects
  • Experienced manufacturer of cast knees, hips, and shoulders

If you need it complete to save time, Tecomet can perform final machining and surface finishing as well.