Let Tecomet, Inc. bring your concept and prototype needs to life in a matter of days with our new and growing array of 3D-printing solutions – including both plastic (FDM) and metal (DMLS) parts.

Take advantage of our combined additive manufacturing and post-processing expertise to quickly have complex prototypes ready for your next project requirement.

Tecomet’s product development team can also help you take advantage of the unique design opportunities afforded by these novel additive processes.


  • Accelerates the Development
  • Shapes produced only limited by your imagination
  • Let us innovatively design your idea for additive
  • Highly complex structures – light and stable
  • Small batch / high customization
  • Applications expertise for where additive is a fit
  • Materials – Stainless, Plastic, Titanium
  • High quality and excellent resolution
  • Conventional or CNC post processing available

Tecomet’s Additive Manufacturing History:

  • 1993: Developed Additive Metal Manufacturing process using Metal Laminated Object Manufacturing (MLOM) by photo-chemical etching and precision stack lamination for x-ray grid collimators used in mammography.
  • 2007: Received patent for “Assembled Non-Random Foams”
  • 2010: Entered into Development Agreement with Rhausler Inc. to develop a device using Trabeculite™ technology and bring through a FDA 510K approval
  • 2013: Developed an implantable application using MLOM of a titanium porous trabecular structure trade named Trabeculite™.
  • 2015: Rhausler received FDA 510K approval #K150455 for R2 Trabeculite Titanium Cervical Cage System incorporating Trabeculite™ constructed using MLOM